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How Can We Help You


Getting Divorced,

Let’s face it, getting divorced is already a messy situation and it’s hard on everyone, even the kids. Having to sell your house due to divorce doesn’t have to be hard, difficult or messy. With POD we can make the selling of your house, one less hassle. We can make you a cash offer that would benefit both parties to make a smooth transaction without all the mess.



No need to fix anything

Looking to sell your house and know that there are things that have to be fixed and you don’t have the money? POD doesn’t care, we can buy your house AS IS. No need to fix anything at all. Don’t worry about fixing that expensive AC, POD will take care of that. Don’t spend the money on paying anyone to come clean the house for showing, POD doesn’t care.



Going into Foreclosure?

Don’t Know what to do when the bank is knocking on your door wanting their house back? Let’s face it, Foreclosure is not pretty. They take your house and they severely damage your credit for years. At POD we can help you with that. We can help save your credit from Foreclosure nightmares and possibly keep you in your house.



Avoid the Realtor fees & close when YOU want

Listing your house, you have to pay to list it, you’ve got to shop around and find the right realtor that will work for you. You have to interview them and tell them what you want. Then you have to wait till it sells. If you’re still living in the house, you’ll always have potential buyers coming in to look at the house, always getting calls about a showing and having to leave. With POD we don’t bother with that.

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Inherited Property

Did you just inherit Grand Ma’s property or land and you don’t know what to do with it? Want nothing to do with it? Is it here? Is it three states over? Is it across the country? POD can help you with that too. With business colleagues across the country, we can help you out with your options all the way over there too. We can help advise you on what to do with it and how to proceed.



Tired Landlord

Are you a tired landlord? Tired of dealing with tenants and their problems? Tired of fighting tenants to get rent? Getting old and looking to FINALLY retire? Well POD can help you out so that you can still maintain your rental income without dealing with the tenants anymore. Sounds good? Well then call US at Property Options & Developments and see how we can help you with your retirement and still collect monthly income. Retiring doesn’t have be that hard. Retirement should be about your time and enjoying life. We can help you get ready for your dream retirement.

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